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Exxy Central - The 00's Press Room

This is the 2000's section of the Press Room, featuring articles about the X1/9, or X1/9-related topics. Most of the images link to a larger pdf file - click the thumbnail to open the pdf file.

Auto Italia, January 2000 - Scary X1/9s

Classics, May 2000 - Convertible Compromises (1402k pdf)

Auto Italia, May 2001 - An Alternative X1/9 (725k pdf)

Sporting Classics Guide, 2002 - Classics; What to buy (275k pdf)

Classics, Oct 2002 - Fiat X1/9 Buyers Guide (1524k pdf)

Classics, November 2003 - Good Sports (2312k pdf)

Auto Italia, April 2005 - Prototipo Fiat X1/9 Abarth (1618k pdf)

Classic & Sports Car, April 2005 - Starter Classic, Fiat/Bertone X1/9 (1043k pdf)

Practical Classics, June 2005 - Don't Go Soft (1345k pdf)

Retro Cars, January 2006 - Fiat 128 & X1/9 Classic Engines (1474k pdf)

Classic Car Weekly, Jan 26th 2006, No 806 - Shootout (1405k pdf)

Classics Monthly, January 2006 - Generation GAP (1801k pdf)

Retro Cars, May 2006 - Xtreme Sports (946k pdf)

Practical Classics, August 2006 - Great 1k Drivers' Cars (249k pdf)

Classic Cars, August 2006 - Zero Worship (X1/9-based Stratos Zero replica) (1305k pdf)

Classic Car Weekly, Aug 24 2006, No 836 - Tuning & Improving (2793k pdf)

Classic Car Mart, Vol.13 No.6 May 2007 - Ferrari 308GTS vs Fiat X1/9 (1783k pdf)

Practical Classics, April 2008 - "Why we love the X1/9" (483k pdf)

Classic Car Weekly, June 12th 2008, No 928 - Buying Power (1350k pdf)

Practical Classics, Spring 2009 - "Designer Bargains" (1526k pdf)

Auto Italia, Apr/May 09, Issue 157 - "Fiat X1/9 Buyers Guide" (1249k pdf)