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Exxy Central - The 10's Press Room

This is the 2010's section of the Press Room, featuring articles about the X1/9, or X1/9-related topics. The images link to a larger pdf file - click the thumbnail to open the pdf file.

Classic & Sports Car, September 2010 - Mid-engined Marvels (1052k pdf)

Classic Car World, October 2010 - The X Files (1132k pdf)

Classic Car Mart, October 2010 - Wonders of a Wedge (coming soon)

Retro Cars, January 2011 - Readers' Rides (317k pdf)

Classics Monthly, February 2011 - How to buy a... Fiat X1/9 (1400k pdf)

Sports & Exotic Car, August 2011 - X Squared (coming soon)

Classic Car Mart, September 2011 - The Middle Man (1730k pdf)