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Exxy Central - The 80's Press Room

This is the 1980's section of the Press Room, featuring articles about the X1/9, or X1/9-related topics. Most of the images link to a larger pdf file - click the thumbnail to open the pdf file.

CAR, May 1982 - The Road to Mandelieu (1528k pdf)

AUTOCAR, w/e 15 May 1982 - Fiat X1/9 (906k pdf)

CAR, June 1982 - The X Factor (885k pdf)

Road & Track, December 1983 - Baker Automotive X1/9 (423k pdf)

Sports Car Mechanics, July & August 1984 - Top of the class (885k pdf)

Sports Car Mechanics, September 1984 (1218k pdf)

Sports Car Mechanics, October 1984 - Sideways Motoring (303k pdf)

AUTOCAR, 13 March 1985 - Prime Mover (986k pdf)

Performance Car, April 1985 - Long Live Sport (542k pdf)

Sports Car Monthly, April 1986 - New Arrival (517k pdf)

Classic And Sportscar, January 1987 - X-Certificate (1896k pdf)

Sports Car Monthly, March 1987 - X1-9 Centre (566k pdf)

Autocar, 27 May 1987 - Bright And Breezy (966k pdf)

Sports Car Monthly, August 1987- Fiat X1/9 (1263k pdf)

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, January 1988 - Mid-engined masterpeice (1286k pdf)

Performance Tuning, February 1989 - Excellence (1257k pdf)