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Exxy Central - The 90's Press Room

This is the 1990's section of the Press Room, featuring articles about the X1/9, or X1/9-related topics. Most of the images link to a larger pdf file - click the thumbnail to open the pdf file.

Sportscars Illustrated, February 1990 - Take Two (668k pdf)

Sportscars Illustrated, February 1990 - Ferrari owed a debt by Fiat (877k pdf)

Practical Classics, November 1990 - Italian Terrier (1255k pdf)

Car Design & Technology, October 1991 - The Dawn of Lightness (1719k pdf)

Popular Classics, December 1991 - Sports Day (1244k pdf)

Your Classic, May 1993 - Fireball X1/9 (2060k pdf)

Your Classic, May 1993 - Howard's Way (926k pdf)

Top Gear Magazine, February 1995 - A Grand Day Out (1451k pdf)

Sunday Times Motoring, 5th February 1995 - Go for your Testarossas (412k pdf)

Car Mechanics, Jan - Oct 1996 - 10 part restoration series - - -

Practical Classics, February 1997 - Fiat X1/9 Survival Guide (519k pdf)

Auto Italia, May 1999 - Cheap thrills Fiat X1/9 (pdf 711k)

Classics, Dec 1999 - X1/9 Explained (pdf 597k)

Practical Classics Dec 1999 - Cat's whiskers (1573k pdf)