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Below is a brief history of my Fiat / Bertone X1/9 ownership.
1997: Bought my first X1/9, a 1989 Gran Finale in Mica Blue. I was actually on my way to a second viewing of a brown-over-brown '84 VS model, but drove past a garage with this car on the forecourt .. needless to say I never made it to buy that brown X1/9 (*phew*).
1997: Within a month or so I'd added my mark - 14" alloys, MOMO steering wheel, CD player etc. I was using my car everyday and it hardly ever (!) let me down. My journey to work each day took me across the beautiful Cannock Chase - happy memories.
1999: After 2 years of owning the Exxy I fancied a change and bought my first Fiat Coupe - the X1/9 was consigned to the garage. Even whilst driving the Coupe everyday I still missed the Exxy and the fun I'd had in it.
2003: After sitting in the garage for 4 years work started on getting my Exxy back on the road. Many long hours were spent in the garage stripping bits off and cleaning them up. By now I'd sold my first Coupe and was on my second, but the longing to drive the Exxy again was still there. Eventually it was stripped down to the bare shell, as you see from the photo.
2006: After much deliberation and the fact that my first child was soon to be born, the realisation hit me that I wasn't going to have the time / money to spend creating the 'perfect' X1/9 that I dreamed of. Work stopped on the restoration and I bought Exxy number 2 - another 1989 Gran Finale in Mica Blue onto which I fitted the alloy wheels from my previous car.
2007: This was spent mostly driving the car, which is good ! The process of debumpering the car also got underway, starting with the rear, which was fairly easy. Some of the work on the front was done, but this will carry over to next year due to time constraints and the extra work involved in debumpering the front.