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Exxy Central - DIY Alloy Wheel refurb

Welcome to this DIY guide on refurbishing alloy wheels. There are loads of places where you can get them done professionally and I'm sure they'll look better, but doing them this way is satisfying, gives a good finish and saves a bob or two as well.

I started out with a set of alloys I'd bought through Ebay - these are Cromodora CD-30's - 13x5.5in. They weren't in very good condition and, although I could've put them straight on the car, I wanted a better finish than they would've offered. Either way, they'll look great on the Exxy.
The first stage was to take them to a local company that specialises in sandblasting - they blasted all 4 wheels for 40. This got rid of all of the old coatings and gave a nice bare metal base to start from.
I then went about filling the scratches and big holes with filler (using Davids P38 filler) and sanding the whole lot down. This was the most labourious part of the process as it had to be repeated several times (filling then sanding, then filling again etc) before I was happy with the result.
The next stage was to spray Filler Primer over the front (visible) surface of the wheel to fill in all of those tiny blemishes that I'd missed. I ended up putting a few coats of this on, using dry 800 grit paper between coats.
Next I sprayed the entire wheel with regular grey primer, including the surface that gets hidden underneath the tyre. Again, flatten it down with the 800 grit paper, although I did it wet this time.
Now the fun part - spraying the silver on - this is where it finally starts to look like a proper wheel again ! I put on a few coats of metallic silver (I used Ford Moondust Silver) and then left it to dry overnight. A really gentle rub down with wet 1200 grit paper gave a good surface for the laquer, of which I applied about 3 coats, leaving 20-30 mins in between each.
And there you have the finished article - not perfect by any means, but then I don't intend to hang around for long enough for people to look too closely !!!